6 GIFs To Prove That Technology Is The New God [Part-1]

tree removal device 6 GIFs To Prove That Technology Is The New God

Technology is the new God, there’s no denying the fact how this saying holds so much truth in itself. Problems, you name it, technology has a solution for it. Not just technology, but some snappier solutions to the first world problems, that you’d be amazed to see how they work. Out of box … [Read more...]

Top 6 Best Selling Novels of 2014: Part 1

The Fault in Our Stars

Reading has been a quite popular past time for people of all ages since time immemorial. There is nothing more relaxing than reading an engrossing novel with a hot cup of coffee after a hard day’s work. For all the avid readers out there, here is the first part of the top 6 best selling novels of … [Read more...]

6 Rib Tickling Parodies We Indians Can Relate To

Arnab's Qtiyapa Parody

Everyone loves watching parodies for they lighten up the atmosphere. Don't they? It's a great way of pin pointing the shortfalls of some social issue or even a day-to-day phenomena. The more satirical a parody, the better it gets. Here we bring to you some parodical takes that can make us … [Read more...]

Top 6 Websites To Sell Your Products Online


Selling your products online is basically all about value and presentation. You have to offer the most value to potential customers, but selecting the best online marketplace from scores of websites can be quite a challenge. This article highlights the top 6 websites or online marketplaces where you … [Read more...]

Top 6 Best And Revealing Vice Documentaries

Vice Documentaries

Viewing a Vice documentary is always an exhilarating, but numbing experience. Established in 1994, Vice has transformed from a snazzy magazine to a media empire in 20 years, but its trademark intense style has not changed one bit. Here are the top 6 best Vice documentaries! You are in for the shock … [Read more...]

6 Best Online Puzzle Games For Everyone

Best Online Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have been considered as a great pastime for ages. From Jigsaw puzzles to games like Scrabble and Sudoku, these games have made players to utilize their grey cells to solve the puzzle with keen interest. With the ushering in of the PC and internet, a transition from paper puzzles and … [Read more...]

Top 6 Best CPA Networks For Affiliate Marketers


For a smart e-entrepreneur, tapping the huge potential of internet marketing to promote products and monetize online businesses is crucial to run an economically viable and successful enterprise. The million dollar question is which is the best way to achieve this? The answer to this question is … [Read more...]

6 Best Social Media Management Tools For Everyone


Managing social media accounts has become a daunting task. With the right social media management tools, one can stay up to date on their social activity without any hassle. Would any social media enthusiast say no to something that would save time and help manage their accounts effectively? Check … [Read more...]

6 Amazing Special Effects In Movies That Aren’t CGI

Tron The Original

It’s terrifying, but true that some of Hollywood’s leading directors will go to any length to avoid using computer generated imagery and achieve absolutely astounding realistic shots. And the award for the top 6 amazing non-CGI special effects in movies goes to following movies. Amazing Special … [Read more...]

6 Best And Top Free Website Builders


Using website builders to create a website has become quite popular in recent times on account of the ease of use and time-saving. The website development market has become sort of crowded with readily available templates and scores of ready-made websites. Most website builders are available in both … [Read more...]