6 Hollywood Classic Stars And Their Sad Childhood

Thinking of film stars we often see them behind curtains of wealth, fame and beauty; sometimes forgetting that once they too had been simple folks like us. Here’s a reminder on 6 Hollywood classic stars with sad childhood. 6) Clara Bow: Bow personified the Roaring Twenties and is known as the leading sex symbol of the silent film era.  "I don't suppose two people ever looked … [Read more...]

6 Less-Known Ancient Ruins You Need To Visit

Who wants to go to a vacation among overcrowded stinking places, when you have an option to visit intriguing less-know ancient ruins? The answer is nobody. So what are you waiting for, read this stuff and start packing! 6) Pula, Croatia: The city has and still exists from the ancient Roman times.  A great amphitheatre, Pula Arena with its four towers and all three levels still stands … [Read more...]

6 Crazy Things You Should Know About Jackie Chan

Fan or not, you must have come across Jackie Chan’s film at least once in your lifetime. And surely, you've been awestruck by this unique actor. Well what are you waiting for then? Plunge into the 6 crazy facts about Jackie Chan! 6. He had a hard time when he was young: His father Charles was a Chinese Nationalist government spy and mother Lee-lee was a theater actress with a side business … [Read more...]

6 Ancient King And Queen Who Were Insane

Long gone are the days when kings and queens were called messenger of God. Thanks to democracy we don’t have to keep up with mad kings and queen like the one’s in this list. Check them out. 6. Joanna Of Castile, Queen Of Castile & Leon: Also called ‘Joanna the mad’, was originally from Aragon. She was married to Philip the Handsome of Castile and it was out of the reunion of the two, … [Read more...]

Top 6 Lost Cities In The World

Lost ancient cities hide many secrets, but they also give many answers. They are the roots of civilization from which vast empires and cultures developed. At some point in their past these cities were abandoned by their inhabitant and left to wait for some curious adventurer. Today, that adventurer is you. Join us on our journey through the distant past, and checkout our best collection List of … [Read more...]

6 Most Romantic Love Letters That You Must Read To Get Inspiration

February is the month of love. We at Top Six List are bringing you exclusively selected extracts from love letters of famous poets and writers. Read them, get inspired and write your own love letter for your sweetheart. 1. Lord Byron Lord Byron or George Gordon Byron was an Indian poet and one of the fore-runners of the Romantic Movement. Byron was an intense lover and felt love intense … [Read more...]

6 Chilling Haunted Hotels In Asia

Who doesn’t like a good ghost story but no one really wants to encounter ghosts’ face to face right? So what happens when you go for a hotel, board a hotel and see a white ghost haunting the hall way just outside you room! Six Haunted Hotels In Asia 1. Buma Inn Buma Inn is located in Beijing, China. It is haunted by a ghost who seeks revenge. The story goes that a man was murdered by a … [Read more...]

6 Worst And Deadly Airline Disasters

Air transportation has been widely considered to be the safest form of travel. When the unexpected happens, the results are more often than not catastrophic to say the least. Heartrending and frightening stories of history's 6 worst and deadliest airline disasters have been enumerated below. 1. Tenerife Airport Disaster (1977) A bomb explosion at Gran Canaria Airport forced Pan Am Flight … [Read more...]

6 TV Shows That Left Us In 2014

Now that we are nearly two months into 2015, with all the resolutions already tested severely, it's certainly time to go ahead in a fresh new direction. Same goes with our beloved Idiot box, many networks decided to pull the plug on some long running TV shows, which won't be returning in 2015 to entertain us. While some overstayed their welcome, for some the end was premature. 1. How I Met Your … [Read more...]

6 Online Survey Sites That Pay

Well, if you are a student and struggling to keep the booze flowing then you’ll seriously need to take a look into the following survey sites. They’ll help you earn some extra cash that you desperately need right now. 1) AIP Online Surveys The survey is done by AIP Corporation that offers services to organizations throughout the worlds, focusing primarily on Asia, the U.S. and Europe. … [Read more...]