6 English Premier League Teams That Will Fight For The Title

Manchester United Football Club

The 2015-2016 EPL season is underway and the teams have already made their mark after the first game itself. Although it is a little too early to predict who is going to take home the silverware, their pre-season and opening game could help in assessing the outcome of each of these teams. For generations, it has consistently been the top 4 teams that reign supreme but with the … [Read more...]

6 Less-Known National Parks In Europe Worth Visiting

6 Less-Known National Parks In Europe Worth Visiting

Planning on a vacation in Europe are you. Tired of super crowded popular place where everybody visits but instead of taking-in the view keeps busy clicking picture. No worries. Top Six List bring you some less-known national parks, which are less-inhabited and less-visited place you can plan for, coming vacation. Enjoy! TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK, SLOVENIA The only … [Read more...]

6 Fine Arts Colleges Of West Bengal You Need To Check-Out

Fine Art Colleges

West Bengal has got a history in being a hub of creative endeavors and artistic pursuits. So, it’s not surprising that the state is teeming with a number of fine arts colleges. Take a look yourself. 6. COLLEGE OF VISUAL ARTS Situated in Kolkata, the college was established in the 1993 under the name Rhythm School of Art and Culture. Late, after being affiliated to Indira … [Read more...]

6 Mangnificent Shooting Locations For Game Of Thrones

6 Mangnificent Shooting Locations For Game Of Thrones

Over the last couple of year, HBO’s original TV series ‘Game Of Thrones’ was been officially crowned as a phenomenal show. The makers of this show aren't a big fan of VFXs. Here we bring you the 6 magnificent location used to make the most popular television show "Game Of Thrones" as believable as it could get. 6. ESSAOUIRA, MOROCCO (ASTAPOR) The historical coastal town … [Read more...]

6 Films That Every Writer Needs To See

6 Films That Every Writer Needs To See

Nothing can be more motivating to a writer than seeing his or her life story being played out onscreen. It’s highly motivations.  Therefore we bring you 6 films that every writer needs to see. 6. 2046 (2004) Directed by one of Hong-Kong film industries greatest film directors Wong Kar-wai, 2046 revolves around the life of a science fiction writer and his … [Read more...]

6 Inventions Conceived by Leonardo Da Vinci Even Before They Were Invented

Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions

The world owes a lot to the great man named Leonardo Da Vinci. Here we bring to only 6 of the greatest inventions Da Vinci had conceived hundreds of years before they were actually invented by the modern man. 6. PARACHUTE We all know that parachute was invented by Sebastien Lenormand in the year 1783. But the truth is the diabolically ingenious Leonardo Da Vinci was the … [Read more...]

6 Sites Where You Can Watch Movies Online Without Downloading

Watch Movies Online

So keeping with the tradition of bringing awesome list to you, today we are going to list 6 extremely useful websites that you can watch movies online, without having to download them or without having to install any stupid software. Enjoy! 6. YIDIO Yidio allows you to premier cross-platform search and discover films and television series over the internet. And you … [Read more...]

Top 6 Women Player Who’d Won FIFA Women’s Player Of The Year

FIFA Womens Player Of The Year

The FIFA Women's Player of the Year is awarded to best female football player every year based on the votes of coaches and captains of international teams. Here we are going to take a look at the 6 amazingly talented women players who’d won FIFA Women’s Player of the Year. 6. NADINE KEßLER (2014) She is a German player who received the FIFA World Player … [Read more...]

6 Hollywood Classic Stars And Their Sad Childhood

Hollywood Classic Stars With Sad Childhood

Thinking of film stars we often see them behind curtains of wealth, fame and beauty; sometimes forgetting that once they too had been simple folks like us. Here’s a reminder on 6 Hollywood classic stars with sad childhood. 6) Clara Bow: Bow personified the Roaring Twenties and is known as the leading sex symbol of the silent film era.  "I don't suppose two … [Read more...]

6 Less-Known Ancient Ruins You Need To Visit

Less Known Ancient Ruins

Who wants to go to a vacation among overcrowded stinking places, when you have an option to visit intriguing less-know ancient ruins? The answer is nobody. So what are you waiting for, read this stuff and start packing! 6) Pula, Croatia: The city has and still exists from the ancient Roman times.  A great amphitheatre, Pula Arena with its four towers and all three … [Read more...]