Top 6 Crazy Animal Shaped Buildings In The World

Hey guys! Do you ever imagine can we live inside the animals? The question may be crazy or funny; but you people ever think like that? It is possible! Not exactly inside the living animals; but you can live inside the animal shaped house.

Most of the people in the world are pet lovers; but a few people in the world to show their fondness and craziness on the animals(pets); they went one step ahead and comes with awesome creativity and ultimately build an animal shaped buildings.

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People love to live, work and play inside them. It is really a curious thing right?. If you don’t believe, scroll down and have a look on those inspired creativity.

Best Animal Shaped Buildings In The World

1. Dog Shaped Building:

Animal Shaped Buildings - Dog Shaped

It is called as Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho; where you can stay inside the body of a small house shaped just like a dog. It was built-in 2003, and it stands 34 feet long, 30 feet tall and 14 feet wide.

The Dog Bark Park Inn is the one and only fine bed and breakfast inside a dog. The guests can enter into the body of the beagle from a private 2nd storey deck. The another dog shaped building was located in the small village Tirau, next to the big dog tourist information center.

2. Fish Shaped Building:

Best Animal Shaped Buildings - Fish Shaped

This impressive and funny shaped building was located in the Hyderabad, India. It not only looks like a fish, but it is the home of the “National Fisheries Development Board” (NFDB).

The another fish-shaped building was located in the Barcelona and it was built-in 1992 by Frank Gehry for the Olympic Games.

3. Duck Shaped Building:

Duck Shaped Building

The Big Duck can be found in Flanders, Long Island, New York and it was built by the duck farmer Martin Maurer. This Big Duck building offers the tourist information as well as the duck souvenirs.

This 18 feet structure building was also used as a place to sell the ducks and duck eggs. One of the great news of this building is; it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the year 1997.

4. Elephant Shaped Building:

Lucy-Elephant Shaped Building

This elephant was named as Lucy and it was built-in the year 1881 on the shores of New Jersey. Totally $38,000 was spent to build this elephant. Over the years the rather exotic Lucy has been a home, an office and a restaurant.

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It was conceived by an engineer and inventor James Vincent de Paul Lafferty Jr and he granted an exclusive patent by the US Patent office to create and sell the animal shaped buildings. This Lucy elephant was intended to attract the visitors to buy the area offered by the Paul Lafferty.

5. Cow Shaped Building:

Cow Shaped Building

It was located near the Wauchope, New South Wales, Australia. This Big Bull was opened by Peter Russell-Clarke on July 4, 1987 and it was 22 meter long and 14 meter high.

It is the center place of the Animal Nursery and Big Bull Farm located near the Wauchope. It contained a gift shop on the ground floor and a beef display on the upstairs. Through the eyes of the Big Bull the visitors can see the panoramic views of the country.

6. Cat Shaped Building:

Cat Shaped Building

It is called Cat Kindergarten and was located in Wolfartsweier, Germany. This cat-shaped pre-school was designed by the artist Tomi Ungerer and an architect Ayla-Suzan Yondel.

The children can enter through the cat’s mouth, where the classrooms and cafeteria are located and they can exit into the backyard via a slippery dip for a tail. This building features two giant circular windows for eyes and a fuzzy grass roof.

Here are the images of few other amazing animal buildings in the world:



Chicken Shaped Building:


Shark Shaped Building:


Angry bird Shaped Building:

Angry bird

Sheep Shaped Building:

Sheep building

Crocodile Shaped Building:


Whale Shaped Building:

Whale Building

Giant Turtle Building:

Giant Turtle Building

What do you think about these crazy animal shaped buildings? Do share your opinions via comments.